Abraxos is mythical scythe created by The Highborne, The Highborne were a collection of Pentis Nobles. The Highborne forged this weapon for their one of their infamous assassins, Tarius. Abraxos was originally intended to be used for silencing the opponents of The Highborne. Abraxos was made out of Imperial Iron one of the strongest metals known. The hilt of Abraxos was simple Oak but the blade carried a held a large amount of enchantments meant to boost the wielder's agility, speed, and endurance. In addition Abraxos could cast magical shadow over the wielder making the invisible to the naked and magic eye. Abraxos was used to great effect until the Great Shift in where the Pentis Peasants rose en masse against the nobles. Abraxos along with other magical items such Soul Stealer were lost.

Abraxos was made in the Great Forges of The Highborne. The time it took to make Abraxos only took a century (the average lifespan of a Pentis is a 1000 years). Abraxos was made by: First, harvesting pure Imperial Iron from the ground. Second, melting the Imperial Iron with Heat Spells. Third, after melting the Imperial Iron magic was used to shape the scythe head. Fourth, floding the scythe head over and over again and then straightening it out. (This technique is still used by Japanese smiths today) Fifth, the enchantmnts are applied one by one, each one followed by a sealing spell. Sixth, the scythe head is attached to the body and then magically sealed making it physically impossible to take apart.