The B398 Commercial "Cobra" Sub-machine Gun was ued by many corporations during the Corporate Wars. The Corporate Wars were a series of wars between a couple extremely influential corporations. In specific, The Guild of Merchants which had influence in most of South America. Calen Industries which had all of its influence in Japan and islands such as the Philippines. The Restatka Corporation which had influence over Russia, China, The Middle East, as well as India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Halibal Company which had influence over Africa. Finally Xytos Industries which had influence over North America, and Europe.

The "Cobra" is manufactured by Halibal and is perfectly suited for hot climates. It is capable of firing 800 rounds per minute, and has a clip of 35 bullets. The clip is located in the stock of the gun giving it a bulldog reload style. The standard "Cobra" is equipped with a red dot sight, as well as a sand filter and is painted tan. The elite "Cobra" used by the elite Halibal soldiers, it is much more accurate than the standard "Cobra" it also has an extended clip that hold 40 bullets, it also comes with a silencer.

The "Cobra" is best used a close-medium range as after about 3 meters it becomes highly inaccurate. If a "Cobra" empties a clip only about 10-15 bullets will actually hit the target. It's large clip and high fire rate make it perfect for spray and pray though.

The "Cobra" was invented in 2045 by Halibal Research Cell 94. The "Cobra" was pitted against the current primary weapon of the Halibal at the time, the APSMG (Armor Piercing Sub-Machine Gun) also known as the "Asp".


Cobra: 5 of 10

Asp: 7 of 10

Fire RateEdit

Cobra: 800 RPM

Asp: 450 RPM

Reload SpeedEdit

Cobra: 2.9 seconds

Asp: 3.5 seconds


Cobra: 3 Meters

Asp: 5 Meters


Cobra: 3.5 Mm

Asp: 2.9 Mm


Cobra: 1250 Currents

Asp: 2346 Currents


Cobra: 4/6

Asp: 2/6