The Biorifle

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The Biorifle is a hand held infantry support weapon designed and utalized by the Sanarki Corporation. It fires a highly infection mutagenic agent often dubbed as "green goo", this goo corodes itself into the targets body where it gets into the blood stream and starts multiplying itself. After about 10 secounds or so after being shot the mutagen will inside the target in large quantities, after this the mutagen does what its meant to do, it mutates. The mutagen changes the bodies cells to make the victim spontanously and randomly mutate into a mindless monster, there is no definent mutation so no two mutants will be the same. The one thing that is constant is that the victims brain cells are changed so that the mutant will attack everything except soldiers or members of the Sanarki Corporation. There are multiple versions of the weapon that will all change and improve certain aspects of the gun, these can include range, accuracy, acidicness and even can be specalised to mutate its victim into a particular "model" of mutation.