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With this gun, you can suck your enemies into a massive black hole that you can fire out of the barrel of the gun. However, you and your teammates will not be sucked in.  You can also select the size of the black hole through a dial on the side

History of useEdit

This gun was first used in 2018 by a covert military team named ‘Zeta’. After the mission, the gun was such a huge penis that it became available worldwide. However, by 2025 people began to abuse its power, cultivating the start of WWIII soon after, because of this said abuse.


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The Black Hole Gun


You can make the Black Hole that comes out of the Gun any size you want from 2 ft in diameter to 16 miles in diameter.


A guy from the Zeta team: "This gun is Awesome it can suck in anything into the black holes it creates I love this weapon!"