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CTH-9 was a High Explosive used by the Russian Ground Forces in trench warfare. It was used to clear bunkers and trenches, but often backfired on the russians and exploded them instead of the enemy it was directed at.

(In Soviet Russia, bomb explode you!)

History of useEdit

The CTH-9 bomb was put out of use after a squad of Russian troops was killed by a faulty CTH-9 bomb. All the men in the squad were killed and the Russian bomb makers were set a new task, to make a better and more reliable bomb. They failed. There are no more CTH-9 bombs left, as they were a prototype.


CTH-9 is a combonation of Thermite and C-4. The bomb detonates, using the C-4, and then using a chemical reaction to ignite the Thermite and send Thermite flying in a large area. The C-4's explosion was on a timer, so the Russian troop could turn on the timer, throw it into a bunker or enemy trench, and run. But as the Russians sometimes were, the occiasional drunk troop would not light the timer, and the CTH-9 bomb would be for enemy forces to use.


All attempts of recreating the CTH-9 bomb have failed. The Russian bomb-techs had years to perfect the CTH-9 bomb (As the suffix '9' goes, meaning that there were 8 bombs before the CTH-9), and other backyard bomb-techs just thought if you strap some Thermite to a bundle of C-4, bobsyauncle, there you go, CTH-9 bomb. They were horribly wrong and died in the process of making their own CTH-9 bombs.

If you are Russian, please, do not take offence at this. It is meant for humor purposes only and should not be taken the wrong way.