The DBP-9

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The DBP-9 is a double barreled, 9mm, semi-automatic, .45 cal, pistol prototype made in the United States. Only one was produced, due to the pure stupidity of the weapon, firing two shots at the same time.


The DBP-9 started production in 1998, after the USA Government wanted to find a new, reliable sidearm for US Soldiers. They made the Kimber Custom , and  the DBP-9.  The Kimber Custom proved to be the more effective of the two, winning three of the tests that were performed. Test results follow-

-Accuracy- Kimber-8/10. DBP-2/10

-Ease of use/reload- Kimber-7/10. DBP-1/10

-Range- Kimber-9/10. DBP-8/10

-Badassery- Kimber-6/10. DBP-9/10

Using the DBP-9Edit

Firing the DBP-9 is like firing any other firearm. Align the front and back sights, and pull the trigger. But with the two barrels, and not firing shotgun shells or buckshot, the user must align both sights to fire accuratley. Reloading the DBP-9 is also difficult. The user must line up both magazines, and must make sure that they are not to jam or get caught in the process of loading the magazine.

Reasoning for the DBP-9Edit

The DBP-9 proved a powerful weapon, despite it inaccuracy.  The weapon producers, Perficientur,  decided to make a double-barelled pistol because one; they thought it would increase chance of an impact. This proved wrong, as it was hard to aim for both bullets. They had also produced many double-barell shotguns, and thought they may go by somthing they knew.