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The Death Blades

The Death Blades are the 6 blades used by the Priests in the 1st era in the realm of Tyris. The Priests worshipped the Dark Gods. The blade's names are-left to right-Firasae, Icrago, Gutchrema, Bladesmora, Forema and Crimsleeper.


These Blades were used to defend the God's will, by the priests. They were forged in the flames of the Kisrimo mountain, out of the bones of a God. Then they were set in the water of the God they were to serve, and left for a time, to set to the shape the god desired. Then they were given to the Priest of each God. The Blades were the Priest's only defence against the threats that came to them.

Keeping the BladesEdit

When the Priests were killed there was Keepers selected. These Keepers held the Blades until there was another Priest chosen. The Keepers commonly came up to the position of Priest. Then the position came over again. The Priests died, the keeper was selected, the keeper came to become the Priest.