The HSR7.89 "Scorpion" Assault Carbine is manufactured by Xytos Industries. This is a cross between a marksmen rifle and an assault rifle. The "Scorpion Carbine was created with the purpose to be an accurate rapid fire rifle. The "Scorpion" is mass produced and one is issued to every trooper. There are multiple varieties of "Scorpions" made. The Scout variation has a lightweight folding stock and a smaller clip containing on 30 bullets, it also uses a flip up red dot sight and silencer as well as a fore grip. The normal variation has a normal stock that can hold extra clips, it uses the standard 45 bullet clip size, it uses the flip up red dot sight and a fore grip it also has a laser pointer and flashlight. A grenade launcher can be equipped. The Reaper variation is highly accurate with an extended 50 bullet clip, it uses a scope with a 2.5X zoom, it is also equipped with a self molding fore grip with laser and flashlight and is also equipped with a silencer. The weapon uses a flat sideclip attached onto the side of the rifle. The "Scorpion" can accurately fire 7.89 mm bullets at 650 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) at an enemy 15 meters away.


The "Scorpion" came into prominence after a competition between it and the X367 PMR (Precision Marksmen Rifle).

Fire RateEdit

Scorpion: 650 RPM

PMR: 500 RPM


Scorpion: 9/10

PMR 10/10


Scorpion: 7.89 mm

PMR: 6.79

Reload SpeedEdit

Scorpion: 7 seconds

PMR: 5 seconds


Scorpion: 2000 Units

PMR: 1800

Clip Size (Standard)Edit

Scorpion: 45 bullets

PMR: 10 bullets


Scorpion: 5



Scorpion: 4/7

PMR: 3/7