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Made during the "Dance of Fires", the Naharahan Recurve Bow has become one of the main weapons of the Naharahan people. Used upon the back of th mighty Chirrowa beast, it has become a feared weapon, capable of lightening attacks upon its enemies.



The Naharahan recurve bow dates all the way back to a sad time in Naharahan history. It was a time of strife and war between themselves, as the three Naharahan tribes called the Jerawa, Kamara and the Nanra each fought against each other for precious food and recourses. This, in the modern day, was dubbed the "Dance of Fires” for all the fire that reduced the land to ashes.

It was during this war, that a need for a ranged weapon upon a Chirrowa became apparent, and soon appeared a great many weapons that tried to implement this. However, it soon became clear that only one design had become prevalent against the others. This bow design soon became well spread over the three tribes, quickly becoming the standard choice for Chirrowa and Naharahan archers. 

Use by the NaharahaEdit

Since the "Dance of Fires" ended, this new recurve bow became standard use by the Naharahan people. Eventually, after a while, other nations and peoples begun to adopt variants of this bow, seeing the use and potential advantages of such a weapon. For the Naharaha however, it still stayed unchanged.

To this day they still use it for many purposes. The few most prevalent of these would be for war and hunting, as, on that back of a Chirrowa, one can strike down a man or beast with speed and ease. On the battlefield, this weapon along with a Chirrowa can strike lightening attacks upon an enemy, losing little to none of their own, but taking down many of the enemy.  


Bow standard1-1-

A standard example of the Recurve bow

The Naharahan recurve bow is short, perfect for Chirrowa riders, with its shaft being curved to prevent it from snapping. Normally, this shaft is decorated with elaborate patterns to help individualize the bow to its user. These patterns can represent anything, like one of the gods, or to symbolize what they are fighting for. Stretching from one end of the shaft to the other, is the bowstring, which is made from strands of hair, or the twine of plants. This string is where the arrow is nocked and then pulled back to send the arrow spinning through the air into the desired target.


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