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.6 Aero-Pistol
A detailed view of the pistol.
Vital statistics
Type Pistol
Effects Regular rounds, Stungun rounds.
Source .6 Weaponary
Cost to buy $2000 Earth Dollars
Cost to sell $1000 Earth Dollars
The Point-6 Aero-Pistol (A.K.A: .6 AP) is a pistol used primarily by the Eastern Support Unit (ESU). The gun fires basic rounds and specialised paralysis rounds known as Stungun rounds. It works on a basic firing system, and the magazine is kept in the lower half of the upper section. Reloading is simple, as it only requires the user to forcefully pull the current magazine out and replace it in a matter of seconds.


As with all of the .6 weaponary range, the pistol was created for usage of the ESU in the ongoing Earth Civil War throughout the 42nd century. It soon became a popular weapon for humans who ventured into out of space due to it's quick reload and compact, but usable magazines. Also like it's sister weapons, it comes with it's own specialist feature, the pistol's is the Stungun round which sends the target into temporary paralysis much like the effect of a Taser.


The gun appears like most of its kind, with blue dashes along the side to represent the ammo left in the magazine and a cobalt-grey overtone in colour. It comes with the screws it was named after, the .6 Indestructible Screw which can often mean it is impossible to fix any internal problem in the weapon however it is incredibly useful for keeping the gun safe and well looked after.