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.6 Combat Knife
A detailed view of the knife.
Vital statistics
Type Combat Knife
Effects Regular Knife, Throwing Knife, Ballistic Knife (Special Effect)
Source .6 Weaponry
Cost to buy $500 Earth Dollars
Cost to sell $200 Earth Dollars

The Point-6 Combat Knife (A.K.A .6 CK) is a weapon primarily used by the Eastern Support Unit (ESU). It was a regular knife that was popularized because of it's Ballistic Knife setting which allowed the blade to be fired on a retractable carbon-fiber rope. It is also a part of the .6 Weapon Group.


The knife was originally a free gift when either the .6 Stealth Sniper Rifle or the .6 Enigma Blaster was bought however it was put on sale after popular demand. The entire set was sold after the ESU's budget was tight and the ESU returned to using a regular combat knife instead. As with all it's sister weapons, it was developed during the Earth Civil War.


The knife uses .6 Indestructible Screws to which the weaponry group was named after and has a purely black handle that matches it's leather sheathe which also has the ESU symbol printed on it. The blade itself is made of self-resharpening stainless steel that is handcrafted ergonomically. It has a slight curve in it's backbone and ridge base to allow cleaner cutting when using the knife for survival purposes.