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.6 Enigma Blaster
A Detailed View Of The Blaster.
Vital statistics
Type Rocket Launcher
Effects Gas Rocket Launching (Special Effect), Regular Rocket Launching.
Source .6 Weaponary
Cost to buy $6000
Cost to sell $4000

The Point-6 Enigma Blaster (A.K.A .6 EB) is a weapon produced by the .6 Weaponary Company and primarily used by the Eastern Support Unit (ESU). The Blaster is the most expensive weapon of the 5 currently available and for good reason. It launches both regular RPG Rockets as well as it's own Mustard Gas Rockets that can obliterate pretty much any enemy. It was also the base idea which the .7 Gas Rocket was created upon which ended the Earth Civil War by destroying most of the Americas by Mustard Gassing their residents.


As with all of it's sister weapons it was created for use of the Eastern Support Unit in the Earth Civil War. It went on sale first at the end of the war and is one of the most formiddable items around. It is illegal to carry an Enigma Blaster in public as set down by the New Earth Laws. Even the police are unable to use it outside of their own property whilst other weapons in the set are allowed to be carried as protection and self defense only.


Unlike the other weapons, the Blaster has camoflage paint on it's centre section and is considered the best of all the weapons. It has the same cobalt-grey colour on it's other sections however. It also has an easy reload method as rockets are simply shoved in the back end and fired out of the front. A red button is located on the centre section which when light, means that a rocket is in place and ready to be fired.