Definition Edit

Void Weapons are specialized weapons which are defined by one's Void Point. A Void Point is a special mark, usually a scar, in the shape of an astral or celestial body. There are two main categories of Void weapons; Natural Voids and Artificial Voids.

Appearance Edit

Void Weapons take many forms from person to person (and in some cases, even this isn't true). There is only one constant throughout all Void Weapons: To have one, you must have a Void Point somewhere on your body. Void Points vary in appearance as well, although people may have similar looking Void Points (A notable example is Seth and Gareth Sade. As they are brothers (spoiler!), They both have 5-pointed Star-like Void Points, with several differences; Seth has his across his left eye, and Gareth has his upside-down on his tongue. While this is arguably just perspectives, the placement also has something to do with it). Void Weapons Share a theme with the Void Point. For example, Alexis has a Crescent Moon Void Point on her left earlobe, and the pommel of her Katana has a Crescent-Moon-esqe shape on it, as well as lunar paraphanelia all over it.

Examples Edit

Notable examples of Naturally-Voided Void Warriors are Alexis Stellar with her Katana, Helios Athens with his Cestus, Phoebus Stellar with her Bladed Bracers, Gareth Sade with his Chain Traps, and Seth with his Scythes. There are few examples of Artificially-Voided Void Warriors, as Void points can only be artificially created by existentially powerful items. A simple example of this is the Infinity Weapon. Notable examples of Arificially-Voided Void Warriors is Chris Stellar with the Infinity Weapon.